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As somebody who has worked in sales and in customer service and going by my recent experience with Crystal Springs customer service, I can attest that this company has one of the worst customer service divisions that I have come across.

In August we signed up with Crystal Springs via their booth at Costco. As determined during the sign-up, we received a call to schedule delivery of the bottles and water dispenser during the afternoon slot between 1pm and 5pm during a business day. I stayed back at home, only to find a no show. Upon calling the customer service, kept hearing music for close to 45 minutes before a representative attended the call and promised a re-scheduled delivery.

In the month of September, they delivered the wrong type of water (spring water versus filtered water). Around the same time the water dispenser unit seemed to malfunction and was adding a metallic taste to the water being dispensed. I called up the customer service, only to listen to music for another 45 minutes before somebody answered the phone. Customer service seemed to believe that the metallic taste in the water was from spring water that we were erroneously delivered and that new bottles would be provided the next day. This was again a no show.

A third call was made to customer service with a wait time of a hour. This time, I requested to speak to a supervisor who indicated that they were having labor and driver issues. Not a great thing to say to an irate customer who is calling for the very same issue! At this point of time we were promised a confirmed delivery of a new water dispenser and the right type of bottles. I took a day off from work and waited for the delivery, only to find a no show.

A call was made again, stood by the phone for 45 minutes and then spoke with a customer service representative to cancel the service and there was agreement to negate any charges and refund our deposit for the bottles. I was told that a driver would come by at a certain time to pick up the water dispenser and the bottles. Guess what – it was a no show. I called up again to speak to a supervisor and after a long wait was informed to keep the water dispenser and bottles outside the house for pick up next day.

We still have an invoice for charges for September coming to us with a reminder that this would escalate to collection services. An absolute insult to injury. I have been trying to reach out to customer service over the past 3 days to sort this issue and have been on the phone for close to a hour. Nobody is answering the phone.

I believe the customer service for Crystal Service can easily be classified as the worst I have ever seen. What is being promised is not delivered. We will recommend our friends to never try out Crystal Springs and hopefully there have been others who have suffered a similar fate as us and will be dissuading their friends and relatives as well. A massive fail for this company.

Not sure if our complaint is going to reach the right ears, but this seemed to be the only medium left to try and speak out about our misery.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of crystal springs water delivery service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $53. Crystal Springs Water needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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