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My new water cooler was delivered finally!

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I've been with Crystal Springs for years and had never had a problem with them, until this year . I got a new delivery guy & he was a problem from the start as to not delivering & not communicating to me that he wouldn't deliver.

No problem- a learning curve is expected sometimes. But I've had continuous problems with either not receiving delivery or wrong amount. When I spoke to the local manager, I was very polite , but it seemed to make things worse. Sometimes the delivery would be 4-5 days late ( still is) I was supposed to receive a new cooler Monday, so I hauled the old cooler out on the porch ,'s Friday and I have to haul it out again & have been without my bottled water all week, plus a have a bad back & it's very hard to haul the cooler In & out everyday.

I called the main company ( which is on the other side of the US from me) & was told I'd get a new cooler the next day-never got it so I called again the next day , she said it would arrive the next day( again) but said not to leave it out over night because they told me I'd be liable for it if it were stolen. She was very "snippy" even though I was polite. I need the distilled water for various reasons, health reasons included. To try & lift it with my back is difficult.

I'm elderly & have no help. They have always been good these past years , it's just been this year since I got a new delivery man... I don't know if it's him or the manager. It seems that when I spoke ( very nicely) to the manager ,everything fell apart.

I'm always polite & I normally will not complain about things but this is getting old,& continuous. I don't recommend this company any longer. I have looked up reviews on other WATER delivery companies around here and they have even worse reviews.

I guess I need to find a way haul in gallons of distilled water monthly & purchase it from the store, maybe I can pay someone to haul for me . ( isn't that what I'm doing?) Also I called last month to cancel a delivery since I was gone & didn't need as much water, still got the delivery ( on a Friday not a Monday as normally scheduled) My bill started out at $22.00 monthly now it fluctuates from

36.00- 63.00 Beware

Product or Service Mentioned: Crystal Springs Water Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Delivery on time & communicate when you can't .

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