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My business has been a client for 7 years (Pelham, NY) when they were Crystal Rock and in 6 of those years, service was impeccable. Deliveries as promised according to schedule.

Issues resolved quickly. All good then company either changes owners or just a rebranded to Crystal Springs. The first red flag was an issue with changing the numbers of bottles needed on their revamped website. There's a disclaimer stating that changes cannot be made up to a certain date of delivery.

Understandable but when you change 2 weeks in advanced then there's no delivery on your date, go back to site and it states that last delivery was cancelled. Ok. No problem. Able to resolve with customer service.

But this happened more than once. Frustration building. My dispenser no longer chilled water so I needed a replacement. Made an order to replace (July 18th, 2019) and was told that as of July 1st, all water dispensers were charged a $2.99/month rental fee (No fee on original dispenser).

Increase frustration. Then the nightmare began. Pickup scheduled for Friday, July 19th. No show.

No call. Call customer service. Next pickup date, Monday, July 22. No show.

No call. This happened a total of 6 times! I cancelled my service after the first attempt due to their complete disregard for their clients time and gave another company the opportunity to earn my business. Finally on Aug 12th, they came and picked up their products.

The absolute WORSE!!! There's no ability to speak to area manager. You're stuck with a customer rep who cannot hold anyone accountable for poor service. There is something fundamentally wrong with the service they attempt to provide.

Advice: Go elsewhere with your water needs. Avoid Crystal Springs at all costs!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Crystal Springs Water Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I cancelled service after 7 years.

Crystal Springs Water Pros: Route driver was accomodating, Better when called crystal rock.

Crystal Springs Water Cons: How i was treated like i did not matter, Unreliable pickup then had to reschedule 6 times, No accountability, Communication between customer reps and area manager nonexistent, No communication to client when deliveries cannot be made.

  • Unreliable Pickups
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Crystal Springs Water is by far the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of working with. In 2016 they abruptly stopped delivery of our water without notice and without cause.

We contacted them for over a month trying to get it resolved. At 60 days we requested to cancel the service. It was at this time that we received an apology from their customer service staff and a promise that they would reverse the bill for the two months where the water was not delivered. Fast forward to 2019.

My wife and I applied for a mortgage and noticed that our scores weren't where we expected them to be. Upon inspection of our report we noticed a collection from a company called Credit Bureau Associates. When we called CBA they advised us that the bill was for a water bill from Crystal Springs from 2016. Needless to say my jaw as on the floor.

I called Crystal Springs two weeks ago and asked them if they had lost their minds, I advised CBA that the bill should have never existed in the first place. Crystal Springs refused to help us and said that we had to deal with the 3rd party collection company. I advised CS that it should have never went to collections because it was supposed to be reversed. No one at their office was willing to help, and no one cared.

I called about a dozen times trying to get someone to help me and it was as if each person was more inept than the previous representative. I wrote a review on Yelp to let the public know what I'm dealing with to try and save someone else from having to go through a similar experience. This screw up from Crystal Springs could have cost me tens of thousands in finance charges on a mortgage because of a higher rate with my credit being damaged by CS. To my surprise the owner of CS reached out to me on Yelp.

I explained the story to him, and after four days of "research" came back today to tell me that the reason my account was went to collections was because I had a bill for two months.. I laughed...

So in addition to their customer service team being completely incompetent, their reading comprehension is terrible too. This is by far one of the worst companies in existence, and judging by reviews that are similar to mine, I have no idea how they're in business.


The owner replied to my review and called me. He even sent a representative to my business to see if I would reconsider.

No way!!! They have a fundamental problem with how they do business: no support whatsoever.

They constantly apologize then commit the same mistake time and time again. No one should go through what you went through in regards to your mortgage application.