Chicago, Illinois
Not resolved

Have had this service for several years, and it’s always the same. Lie on top of lie.

Customer service is absolutely HORRID and they cannot get their facts straight. I canceled my service when I moved. The rep told me to finish what I had (can’t be taken to another customer) and to call when they were done. A month later, I was turned over to a collection dept, even though I had no balance due.

My route driver had put it in the computer that he had delivered more water, and didn’t. I passed it off as yet a mistake.. or was it?? Collections stated I was to take the cooler and 8 empty containers to their local facility (over 50 miles from my house) for credit as they refused to pick up.

I contacted my route driver (Orlando) and he said he would gladly pick up, and everyday for 2 weeks he said he was coming THAT DAY and has never showed.

Told me to keep the cooler as they “throw them away anyway” and that was yet another lie. I’m so completely over all this BS and idiocy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crystal Springs Water Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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