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DO NOT use this company! I could write mine, but it will just echo what everyone else has said.

Run as far away from this company as possible! If they show up at your door (office) just tell them you'll pass and send them on their way immediately. The salespeople are persistent.

I repeat... run as far away from this company as you can as fast as you can.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ormond Beach, Florida, United States #1332766

Oh believe me I am and more!!! I specifically told them that I had an allergy to flouride and asked them if the water was flouride free, I was told that they had a spring water with flouride and one without.

I did check periodically to be sure that did'nt change and for 5 years I got the same reply that I was receiving the non flouridated spring water. For the last 2 years I started having major problem's with my hashimotos thyroiditis , major itching all over, coughing, dry eyes, auto immune disorders were getting worse. I ended up seeing instead of my 1 family physician seeing 3 two being general practitioners and 1 holistic and not getting any better. I noticed that the water instead of releiving my thirst made me have dry mouth and water even tasted awful.

My dog who developed cancer drank so much water, I now know why. I decided to call Crystal Spring water to tell them that I was having symptoms of flouride poisening and there was no where else to look but what I was drinking and was there any flouride in the water, that it had to be the water and that I would have it tested for flouride. I was told that YES there was 1.3 mg's of flouride in the water! I then got disconnected from that agent to another who asked me for my information all over again and she denied that there was flouride in the water, I then told her that the agent before her told me there was and that the conversation was being recorded, oh all of a sudden she found it huh!

She then advised me to consult with my dr!!!!!!!!! I am livid to say the least they jeprodised my health and my dog who has since passed away!!!!!

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