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Is there negative stars??? If it is possible for a water company to blow goats, Crystal Springs is on its knees!

Have not had a delivery in months, have 14 empty bottles, when they did come, never brought cups. We cancelled our service days ago and they still have not picked up their property! Just heard that they will pick up their property in 2 weeks. The customer service manager put me on hold to try and move the pick up date and gave my staff grief over the phone that i couldnt even stay on the phone until he found an answer.

Put the client on hold...go pound sand!

Not sure how a delivery service could be so poor, but Crystal Springs water has the perfect recipe! At least they are good at something!

Product or Service Mentioned: Crystal Springs Water Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Crystal Springs Water Cons: Customer service, Pick up empty jugs, How we were treated.

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