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I've got to say that the people who run this service are absolute *** clowns who have ZERO customer service and ZERO professionalism.

My mother who is 85 years old told them to stop sending their delivery person out and to stop leaving water two years ago. Yet, they still kept delivering the water. My brother and sister also called them to cancel and each time they called in it was a battle just to get a human being on the line.

I called a half dozen times myself and never got to speak with a human. It was like a ghost town when I called in and they either never picked up or the phone system would disconnect me.

Three more times my brother and sister called last year to get them to stop and finally they stopped delivering but no one picked up the empty bottles which were left outside.

When the Hurricane arrived in Central Florida we moved them in to the garage and stored them until the storm season was finished.

We left them outside after four more attempts to get some one to pick them up but after six months we still had a dozen of them left outside.

Recently I spoke to my mother and found out that she had been put in to COLLECTIONS!!! and that the collection company was hounding her and she paid them over $300 to stop bothering her.

You bastards! Sending an elderly lady in to collections AFTER SHE ASKED TO CANCEL THE FREAKING SERVICE???

We were very upset because she didn't even tell us that the account was put in to collections and that she was being harassed by a rude and forceful *** who was berating her over the phone.

If you are thinking about using them, DON NOT! They are *** underneath a pile of *** They are the absolute worst people in the world and the entire company should be shut down for their immoral and illegal practices.

We are seeking assistance from the State Attorney now as well several consumer protection services for the elderly. When we get through with them they will wish they never were alive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crystal Springs Water Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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